Wateropolis Corp. is the exclusive manufacturer and global distributor of Ceralite™, Ceraflow™, and Cerina™ ceramic products. We are also a Research & Development company, actively working on creating new & innovative granular ceramic materials for filtration purposes – as well as continuously improving the predictability and performance of our current product lines.

Derek French, Founder


Derek French started his career in water treatment back in 1992, starting off supplying water treatment equipment to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. Afterwards he became involved in the membrane separation, filtration, and ion exchange markets.

His focus on granular ceramic filtration products began in 2002, culminating with the founding of Wateropolis Corp. in 2014. A company dedicated to getting granular ceramic filter technology into every water and wastewater treatment application imaginable.

After more than 25 years of dedication to the industry, Derek French has become a top expert in the field of water treatment and filtration media. His wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical knowhow has made him a highly sought after specialist – and he is only too happy to share everything he has learned to ensure the best possible outcomes in any water purification / treatment project.


Wateropolis Corp. was founded in the fall of 2014, with the intent of fulfilling an immediate market need for better performing filtration media.

At the time we had the product and manufacturing knowhow, so it was a matter of spreading the word to the people who would benefit the most from our products and building our distribution channels. We now partner with filtration product manufactures and municipalities, to ensure that our products are always available by our rigorous quality standards.

Today our innovative granular ceramic products are being used globally to provide cleaner water in a variety of applications. Our results, truly speak for themselves.


Wateropolis Corp.
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