Swimming Pool Filtration

Case Studies


Commercial Pool operators benefit from improved pool recovery and reduced downtime from fecal incursions.

Ceralite is a uniquely engineered medium-to-coarse crushed angular grain ceramic media, offering superior performance and significantly lower operational costs than traditional filtration media.

Ceralite is ideal for most filtration applications, including municipal drinking water systems.

  • Ceraflow-70 is able to remove almost 2.0 Log (99%) of cryptosporidium sized particles at 10 gpm/ft2 (24.4 m/h) without the use of filtration aids.
  • Ceraflow-70 can be placed into existing filter vessels resulting in a significant improvement in filtration effectiveness
  • Ceraflow-50 have no predicted end of life and are virtually indestructible resulting in the lowest cost of ownership as compared to all other materials.
  • Ceraflow-70 represents a low cost and effective way to improve pool water quality and protect swimmers overall health.